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Spartan 7 provides unparalleled security services for high net worth individuals, their assets, and reputation. We offer protection for varying situations from special events to transportation and travel to protecting family at residential estates. No matter the situation, Spartan 7 Executive Services is there to ensure your safety.


Spartan 7 Specializes in extremely high end functional training and experiences. This is not a weekend warrior event. If you are looking to work with a staff of extremely experienced, highly trained operators you’ve come to the right place.

protection services from elite former navy seals

Spartan 7 Securities, L.L.C. is a service-disabled veteran-owned combat training, security, and mental health service company with 15 years of industry experience.

At Spartan 7, we seek to provide high-net-worth clients and
organizations the leadership, communication, offensive mindset, and advanced situational awareness skills developed by Navy SEALs. Our mission is to provide a hands-on approach to teaching our clients advanced skills in shooting, driving, hand-to-hand combative, travel safety, home defense, and personal defense through realistic mission-based scenarios.

Spartan 7 employs Navy SEALs who have been honorably
discharged and whose courage and loyalty have been tested on the battlefield. Our Executive Protection Specialists are highly professional, quiet, and discreet.

Our clients include seven of the most prominent families in the world. They  range from distinguished podcasters to a Major League Baseball Franchise owner to multiple high net worth families in the Pacific Northwest.

Spartan 7 keeps a small client base in order to provide only the most capable specialists and to provide the most dedicated customer service. Our rates are not inflated, we seek long term business with clients who understand quality service is non-negotiable.

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